“Nosilla Relyt eliminated roadblocks, optimized resources, and produced outcomes that today are key to referrals.”

JK Shea, Chairman, Shea Family


ACOs, MCOs, and hospitals are shopping markets and choosing post-acute providers willing to step up and guarantee outcomes in exchange for referrals. Huge chains are forming networks of care across the continuum to get system-wide cost advantages, data transparency, and tighter control over quality outcomes.


Independent Owners have a distinct advantage over huge chains: agility. Market by market, ACOs and MCOs will favor a network with quality outcomes backed by hard data. As you build the best network, post stellar quality metrics, and guarantee your numbers—you’ll be in a powerful position to take on any huge chain—and win.


Working closely with Nosilla Relyt Post-Acute Services experts, your continuum network model will come together fast. You’ll create centralized logistics, streamline care coordination, and optimize services across the continuum.


  • Time to market - You’ll be up and running with a proven network model tomorrow, vs. the months you’d spend creating it yourself. You benefit from what we’ve already perfected.
  • Compete with larger players – You’ll even the playing field as costs, risk, and expertise are leveraged over a large group of operators. There’s safety in numbers.
  • Be able to take on risk – You’ll be in a position of strength with resources behind you as ACO and MCO partners contract with you, demand measurable outcomes, and cut rates in exchange for volume.
  • Preserve and protect revenue –You’ll earn a seat at the table with the ACO and/or MCO. You’ll play offense with your metrics…before they come to you with numbers on you.

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