A Continuum of Care Opens a Universe of Opportunity

Nosilla Relyt is a congress of experts helping organizations design, execute, and optimize a continuum-based model for competitive advantage in the new era of senior living and healthcare.

Navigating Healthcare Reform

Are you looking to enter, improve or just survive post acute healthcare reform? Are you worried about how the Affordable Care Act will impact your business?

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“We were willing to go at risk to guarantee outcomes to secure a virtually exclusive contract for managed care and ACO patients.”


Making A Difference
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Jeffrey Hay, MD
"It's a proven approach for delivering outcomes 2X more effectively and efficiently than the norm at a county, state and national level."
JK Shea, Chairman, Shea Family
"Ken and team eliminated roadblocks, optimized resources, and produced outcomes that today are key to referrals."
CC Andrews, President & CEO, Quantum-Age Collaborative
"Nosilla Relyt experts motivate people to do extraordinary things…better than you ever thought possible."
Kenneth Lund, President & CEO, Nosilla Relyt
"Change is always tough, but survival depends on it."
Edward J. Tromczynski, CEO, COMS
“Visionary insight grounded in practical experience.”
Jim Gomez, CEO, California Association of Healthcare Facilities (CAHF)
“Get ready to challenge everything you know while achieving success beyond what you ever imagined was possible.”